What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection, or astral travel, is the act of our subtle bodies, or soul, extending outside of the physical body through a bright silver cord and moving freely through the astral plane.  In ancient China and Hinduism, it is believed that many of their spiritual masters and gurus communicated with astral and angelic beings through their “astral dreams”.  Although many skeptics and scientists want to define astral travel as lucid dreaming, many experts in the field such as Robert Monroe and Robert Bruce (buy his book here) describe their travels in astral planes as something completely different.




A lucid dream is what happens when a person is dreaming and awakes in the dream plane consciously with the ability to control their environment.  For example, in a lucid dream, if you desire be skinny or super fit you can snap your fingers and be a model or have the house of your dreams.  When you go on a journey to the astral plane you encounter other beings with higher or lower vibrations, discover other planets, fly through the cosmos, go through time and space willingly, yet unable to control everything (to some extent) of what happens, or who you meet.  You are still in control in that if you wish to return to your body or go to a particular place, you can.  All you have to do is either think of your body, the desired place, or person to visit.  You cannot, however, make a car appear out of thin air! When you are in the ‘ether planes’, you are there in essence, living that exact moment, in full consciousness.


Many books out there describe recollections of people’s out of body experiences and share similar qualities and descriptions.  A person may have an out of body experience unwillingly, such as a near-death experience.  They have described the same tingly feeling throughout their bodies and the feeling of flying above their body while seeing themselves lying down, which is what a person feels when willingly going on an astral journey.  A person that willingly achieves astral projection, first begins through complete relaxation of the body while either saying mantras or affirmations in their mind.  The process then moves forward when the tingling sensation begins.  Sometimes it is subtle and moves slowly from body part to body part.  For some, it is an overall tingling of the body. Then the subtle body, or soul, detaches itself from the physical body and moves forward into the ether world, or astral plane.


Once you successfully are able to detach yourself, you will see a silver cord that is indestructible.  Nothing or no one can cut that cord unless it is your God-given time to, well… die.  Many people are afraid of possession and demons entering their bodies and lose the ability to astral project due to this fear.  The best-known astral projection journeys are said to be extremely beautiful in nature and very fulfilling and spiritual.  The environments may seem different from person to person and have been described as either bright abstract places, other planets, space, sometimes dark places, or just simply air.  There is also a vast area with the entire information about the Universe called The Akashic records.  It contains every question, answer, and every solution to anything and everything.


Many famous and successful people like Steve Jobs claims to have accessed the Akashic Records through meditation and astral travel.  Other historians and geniuses like Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da’Vinci have also recorded in their journals that information was being transferred or given to them while in the astral plane.  It’s for this reason that is has become a very sought-after practice to those who want to ascend or achieve a different level of consciousness.  Each human being has a vibration and only those with the highest level of positive vibration can ascend and find their true potential whether it be through astral projection, meditation, or psychic abilities.



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