Any spiritual master, healer, and even scientists will tell you that your physical body cannot be harmed while you astral project by any entity.  You can’t die while astral projecting and your silver cord can never be severed.  There is no guarantee that something tragic couldn’t happen to you while you are traveling, like the ceiling falling and killing you, or have an actual medical problem that can be deadly.  The entities you encounter always have something to do with your vibrational energy at the time of your experience.  If you had a bad day or feel anger or any other negative feelings, you are more likely to experience something bad.  The catch is to realize that you are in control of the situation and you can simply tell them to go away.  Even during paralysis you are able to mentally either recite prayers, ask for your guides and angel’s help, or simply tell them to leave you alone.




As simple as it may sound, sometimes things can be very intense when things turn to the dark side but all you have to know is that these things can’t hurt you and your guides are always there to have your back.  You can also just will yourself back to your body by thinking about it and, boom, all is good.  Some of these negative experiences will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth and not want to try it again.  However, being able to astral project can lead to very many positive changes in your life.  The best thing to practice before you go on your journey is to ask for protection.  Even before going to sleep, a simple request for good energy and protection can keep you safe in case you accidentally astral project while going to sleep.


Once you do feel the good vibrations of good energies, you will be able to feel confident that you will be fine.  Remember, while you are on the astral planes, imagine a white golden light enveloping your physical body, the room you are laying down in, and your astral body.  Good luck and safe travels.



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