Astral projection is a real experience that many people encounter numerous times as early as childhood.  Many people may not even know they astral projected, waking up confused and sometimes scared.  These experiences have been recorded since ancient times and give you a good reference as to what a true astral projection experience is.  There are many experts that have dedicated countless years to grasp a good understanding and have developed techniques that people are able to use today.




There are plenty of stories to be read now in books and on the internet all describing similar experiences and feelings.  There is a vast variety of what people encounter while in the astral planes and it all depends on the person’s state of mind, beliefs, and energy vibration levels.  Some experiences include encounters with Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, deceased loved ones, aliens, and even evil entities or negative energies.  Some stories are very inspiring and leave you asking questions you would have never thought to ask.  Others will leave you scared and even terrified.  The following two stories are basically the complete opposite of each other; one being a spiritual and fulfilling experience while the other being a terrible experience that probably left a really bad impression on the individual.


The Mind Unleashed Administrator, Lara Starr, describes a very special experience while in the astral plane. She met with two of her guides, one of which was a Pleiadian.  Pleiadians are a type of human race whose DNA was never altered like the Earth humans.  They showed her the reason for humanity, why humans are here, what she needed to search for to find herself, and even got a glimpse of her other more advanced self from that planet.  Her experience answered the many questions we all ask ourselves and left her feeling fulfilled and open to other experiences she knew she needed to go through in order to fulfill her time on Earth. Read her whole experience here.


In the case of Erin Pavlina, she had a totally different first experience.  Many people are born sensitive to other energies and can sense, see, and hear what others can’t.  In the metaphysical world, it is known for these types of people to be more susceptible to being attacked by negative entities.  Her first time astral projecting, she encountered two entities that were looking to perhaps kill her (or so she thought).  She describes her experience as terrifying as she could hear them saying things like she needed to learn and she could feel that they wanted her to do something she didn’t feel comfortable doing.  She could definitely sense fear and thought that it wasn’t a good vibrational energy spirit and that she wasn’t supposed to be experiencing that.  Her situation is slightly different since she does work as a clairvoyant and can communicate with spirits, which makes for some very interesting stories. However, after mastering her fears and actually giving in to the experience, she realized that they were there to help her and not hurt her.  She then grew to become a very successful spiritual master. Get her book here.


There are other people that once they get to a level where they are comfortable with astral projection, they are able to access so much information.  Bill Gates claimed to have a cosmic connection through meditation and dream travel where he got most of his ideas from.  This is what is called the Akashic records.  There are others that talk about going back in time and seeing historical events take place.  Others are able to visit loved ones on the other side of the world and describe exactly what they were wearing or doing.  There is so much out there to still be uncovered and not even the sky is the limit.

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