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7 Astral Projection Misconceptions

1. Astral projection does not prove that there is life after death.


Most people who have out of body experiences, especially using astral projection, become incredibly convinced that there is life after death. This is because you are outside your physical mortal body but you still have all your senses. You can touch, taste, smell and travel anywhere you want. The experience is so genuine that it solidifies the belief that life goes on and on beyond the physiological universe.


2. Astral Projecting makes you very tired.


This is simply not true. Your physical body sleeps normally. You must remember that your body has been left behind when you go on your astral journeys. When you do wake up, you’ll feel like you have had a great night’s sleep – even if you had the craziest journey!


3. Other Astral entities can sever the Silver Cord.


Your Silver Cord will always keep you safe, unless you are astral projecting on your deathbed. It’s incredibly important to remember this: YOUR SILVER CORD IS INDESTRUCTIBLE.


4. It takes several years to achieve a conscious Astral Projection.


It completely depends. Everybody is an individual and the range really fluctuates. Patience is important but to give you some idea, it can take from about one month to a couple years before you experience astral projection properly. For most people it doesn’t take more than a few months of trying.


5. Not everyone can learn to Astral Project. It is only for a select few.


This is not true. Astral projection requires knowledge, practice and perseverance. You have to be open-minded and hungry for the experience. It’s just like learning any skill - anybody can do it if they put their mind to it.


6. Astral Projection is very rare.


About 7% of the world’s population has had a conscious out-of-body experience. It may be underground in a sense to understand and practice astral projection, but the phenomenon itself is very common.


7. You cannot astral travel very far when out of the body.


For the experienced astral projectionist, this myth is laughable because the absolute beauty of astral travel is that you can voyage your way around the universe and into different dimensions. So why do people have this misconception? Well that’s because as a beginner you cannot go too far.



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