Astral projection has been an esoteric and occult subject known and discussed for thousands of years.  Many people approach the subject with skepticism, while others embrace it as a God-given right to all human beings. Astral travel has been described as an out of body experience or OBE.  Although they are a bit different in nature, you can easily picture astral travel that way. The curiosity behind astral projection has driven many people to research and practice it today.


 In Bible times, there were many recollections and descriptions of astral travel where saints and apostles would go on floating dreams to heaven while their body was intact in their home.  Swami Master, Paramahansa Yogananda, describes seeing one of his spiritual masters ascending through a silver cord separated from his physical body on a spiritual journey.  Many of these spiritual masters were connected to the divine or prana through meditation and soul flight, as the Yaskomo of the WaiWai in the Amazon call it.  They claimed to have access to the knowledge of the Universe called The Akashic Records.


The ability to astral project comes with a plethora of great spiritual benefits that increase one’s potential for ascension and a better understanding of life.  After journeying through the astral plane, people have recalled going through very many memorable and unforgettable experiences that have changed their overall views on existence, death, and God.  People or figures in the astral plane are beings of higher vibrations and wisdom.  While there are some negative entities or energies present in the astral plane, the experiences that one goes through instill many answers to questions people ask  such as, ‘is there life after death?’, ‘do we have a soul?’, ‘who are we and why are we here?’, among many other questions you probably have never thought to ask!


Some of the advantages include higher psychic ability, a better focus in life, meeting with spirit guides and deceased ancestors and loved ones, less stress, a better understanding of what life and death is and the concept of a soul and reincarnation, more balance emotionally and in the whole energy field of our physical bodies, inner peace, and a perfect sense of connection to others and the universe.  There is plenty of evidence among people who have gone on astral projection journeys that are currently benefiting from these after-astral travel benefits.  However, before you venture on these amazing expeditions to the astral plane, you must have a better understanding on what astral projection is.


So what is astral projection then, you ask?




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