The Best Astral Projection Techniques

Every person is different and views and experiences their own realities based on past experiences, upbringing, and religious beliefs.  This is why there are many methods for traveling to the astral plane that work better than others for each individual.  First and foremost, you must have a clear and good intention for wanting to work on astral projection.  It is far more viable to accomplish for someone with a higher and positive vibration that is looking out for their own best interest than for someone with unclear or negative intentions.




Each presented method begins with a certain level of relaxation that prepares your physical body to release all tension while at the same time remaining conscious enough to be between the awake and sleep state, which is called ‘alpha state’. Choose a relaxation technique such as visualization or chanting affirmations that will get you in this state. These methods are proven to work efficiently if executed properly.  The most selected techniques are the following:






a) Relax your body by using the relaxation technique of your choice


b) Then, picture a rope hanging from the ceiling of your room going all the way down to about 5 inches off your chest.  Slowly use your imaginary hands to pull your subtle body (imaginary body) out towards the ceiling exerting some energy force and imagine your body slowly moving up.  Keep using both hands, hand over hand, and continue to pull yourself until you start to feel a buzzing and tingling sensation.


c) Control the vibrations by moving them throughout your whole body until your entire body is vibrating or buzzing.


d) Keep pulling up until you feel a sudden paralysis.  This is a clear sign that you are almost there.  Continue with the last pull and slowly start drifting up.  You may look down at your body if you like, but it is not recommended as you may lose focus and drop down to your body.






 Robert Monroe is a pioneer in the altered conscious research and has developed many methods and conclusions on astral projection.  He is credited for the first use of the word “out of body experience,” or OBE.  He came up with a four step process on getting yourself to astral project.


a) The first part is the relaxation (he preferred to do when tired and sleepy).  When performing this astral projection technique in these states, you can achieve greater and faster success since the body is ready to be relaxed and the mind to slow down, (Robert A. Monroe, “Journeys Out of the Body”).  When reaching this state, he recommended focusing on just one thing and block out everything else.


b) State of Vibration - In this step you need to mentally select a spot away from the middle of your forehead, also known as the third eye.  Visualize your own third eye and focus on a tingling sensation.


c) Control of Vibrations - extend that vibration towards that point away from your head and bring it back to the center of your forehead.  Slowly send that vibration to the end of your feet and to the rest of the body.  Once you feel your whole body tingling, you are ready for the final step.


d) The Separation Process - Here you can either imagine your body to be so light it floats up thinking positive things having to do with floating out of your body.







This is only accessible if you are able to be a lucid dreamer.  During a lucid dream, you are in your astral body but in a lower plane or dream plane.  You are aware of the surroundings and can easily come back to your body consciously without fully awakening.


a) You need to be in that relaxed state to be able to either go through your astral projection technique or you can perform it while you are in your lucid dream.  This will encourage your astral body to float up easily.  Whichever way you try, you are more likely to succeed since you are already on the trance like state needed to astral project.


b) Imagine in your lucid dream that you are practicing your astral projection technique and actually float out of your body


c) Maintain clear concentration and attempt to wake your consciousness up while still under the trance like state


d) Once you have “awoken” your mind while in your lucid dream, test to see if you are astral projecting by looking at street names, clocks, or calendars.



The Rope Technique

The Monroe

Induction via lucid dreaming

Please be aware the attempting any of these methods without any type of a call for protection is not recommended.  Always visualize a golden light surrounding your physical body and enveloping your astral body including your silver cord.  Call upon a Higher Spiritual Being for protection.  Many people summon Archangel Michael, as he is the protector and warrior of the Astral Planes.


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