How to Astral Project


There are many methods out there that work differently for each person.  The easiest ways for beginners to learn how to astral project are listed in the following step-by-step astral projection guide.  Once you have successfully completed one step, you may move on to the other. You may have to practice the relaxation technique multiple times as you may fall asleep attempting it.




Before starting your relaxation technique decide which method of protection you are going to use. Some protection guidelines are to always include a golden light surrounding your physical body and then enveloping your astral body when separation has happened.  Also, pick a spiritual deity of your choice and ask them to protect you and keep you safe during your astral journeys.




Once your protection has been designed, you may begin to relax your body.  One of the best proven ways of achieving full body relaxation is to focus with deep breaths on each part of your body.  Start with your toes and move your way up to your heels, ankles, and so forth following the path of your body towards your head.  You may also focus on your chakras (each energy center of the body) and feel them vibrate.  Once you are start feeling completely relaxed but still conscious, you are ready for step three.




After successfully reaching the alpha state, or full relaxation, you may proceed to using any of the processes discussed here.  The easiest method for a beginner to feel reassurance is the rope method which, if done properly, it will give you the vibrational feelings you need to project yourself to the astral plane.  It is recommended to try different approaches as some may work better than others.


*Please note that in order to have a fulfilling journey, you must try this when you are in a positive state of mind without any negative thought patterns or vibrations.  Each experience is viewed by each person according to their vibration and having negative energy can cause you to have a very unpleasant experience.



1. Call Out For Protection

2.  Relaxation Process

3. Chosen Method for Astral Projection



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