The 3 Best Astral Projection Books On The Market

Having the right intentions to learn and master Astral Projection is very important for actually achieving success. Once you understand what astral projection really is and learn about the pros and cons, then it is safe to really start your astral journey or out of body experiences.  There are a large number of books out there regarding astral travel but they really don’t go in depth with actual insights, facts, and real experiences.  However the following three books are by far the best books out there that contain all the information you need to succeed in astral projection and help you understand the reasoning behind it and its many wonderful benefits.




The Astral Projection Guidebook: Mastering the Art of Astral Travel (1st Edition) by Erin Pavlina

Erin Pavlina is a very down to earth spiritual master or sensitive who developed many of her other spiritual gifts throughout her life when she was very young.  This book is great because while it doesn’t go into scientific studies and experiments, she dives into her own personal experiences and fears.  You can sense that when she first started practicing, she was like any other person.  Many people start by doing lots of research before starting their journeys and Erin’s book pretty much covers everything in a way that is simple to understand.  Her techniques and tips are things that she has learned while in the astral planes and encourages those who have had negative experiences to keep trying and teaches you how to protect yourself.  This book is very enjoyable and easy to read with up to date information.


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Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences by Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce is probably one of the most known names when it comes to out of body experiences (OBE).  He defines and explains what astral projection is according to his many personal and experimental experiences of other people.  He walks you easily on the many proven methods that he has, again, personally performed as well as recall some of the stories other people have experienced while under his supervision.  The information in this book is very valuable since he has spent a lot of his life discovering and perfecting the art of astral projection.  It is very easy to read and helps you realize how important and valuable some of these out of body experiences are for the development of the human race.


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Astral Projection Mastery: Techniques To Expand Your Consciousness Beyond The Psychical by L. Jordan

L. Jordan has written this book and has definitely nailed the entire experience as a whole.  This book not only explains to you the ins and outs of astral projection, it also uncovers some details that are important for the level and type of experiences you are going to have.  He uncovers the truths between high vibrational energies and why they are important in achieving pleasant journeys as well as times where there may be a negative ones.  There are many keys to having that one particular spiritual experience that you know you want to have.  You get both the instructional side as well as the knowledge you need to achieve a successful out of body experience.


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